The Federation of American Scientists has created an internet resource for biosecurity policy, bioterrorism information, and biodefense research. The resources listed here represent various perspectives on what actions individual scientists, research institutions, science journals, the public, and government can do to minimize the threat of bioterrorism while maximizing the benefits of life science research.


Virtual Biosecurity Center

The Virtual Biosecurity Center, a project spearheaded by FAS, is a global multi-organizational initiative committed to countering the threat posed by the development or use of biological weapons and the responsible use of science and technology. The VBC is the 'one stop shop' for biosecurity information, education, best practices, and collaboration.

Governmental Reports

The following biosecurity-related reports were written for the US Congress or other agencies and obtained by FAS's Project on Government Secrecy.

Legacy FAS Resources

The following legacy resources on may contain useful information but are no longer actively updated.