Stockpile Stewardship 

Reports from the Panel to Assess the Reliability, Safety, and Security of the                                                United States Nuclear Stockpile

1999 Foster Panel Report

2000 Foster Panel Report

2001 Foster Panel Report

2003 Foster Panel Report

Other Reports:
JASON report JSR-02-335: High Power Lasers
JASON report JSR-02-335 is a study of the scientific value of using high energy petawatt lasers in stockpile stewardship.  April 9, 2003 

JASON report JSR-03-330: Requirements for ASCI
JASON report JSR-03-330 (Requirements for ASCI) is a study of the technical requirements for advanced scientific computing and modeling for stockpile stewardship.   October 2003 

JASON report JSR-94-345: Stockpile Stewardship
JASON report JSR-94-345 (Science Based Stockpile Stewardship) analyzes the then proposed stockpile stewardship program for effectiveness and completeness and makes recommendations for improvements.
November 1994

NNSA Report: High Energy Petawatt Lasers and the Stockpile Stewardship Program
This report from the NNSA discusses the role of high energy petawatt lasers in the stockpile stewardship program, notes that US leadership in the field has lagged, and proposes ways to change that.   July 1, 2003 


Science-Based Stockpile Stewardship
This article from the December 2000 Physics Today by Raymond Jeanloz summarize the findings of the SSP program after five years of work.

Nuclear Weapon Development without Nuclear Testing?
This article by Richard Garwin and Vadim Simonenko discusses the possibility of developing new nuclear weapons without testing them. It discusses many of the steps needed to test components to ensure a working completed device.
October 27, 1996



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