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Strategic Security Program 

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Meeting the threats we face in the twenty first century requires solid technical and scientific data and analyses.  The Strategic Security Program is dedicated to enhancing the security of the country and the world by applying its expertise to these important and urgent problems and making its results available to policy-makers, the press, and the public.

The program strives to reduce the spread and risk of nuclear weapons, to stop the global illicit trade in conventional weapons,  and to advocate sensible attitudes toward access to government information, which is a prerequisite for any intelligent decision-making in a democracy. 

 The Strategic Security Program is comprised of three projects and a military information database: 


glockThe Arms Sales Monitoring Project provides comprehensive data on export of US weapons,     monitors export control regulations, and tracks the illicit trade in small arms worldwide. 


SecrecyThe Government Secrecy Project reports current news related to government secrecy policy, makes available difficult-to-find government reports, and advocates a sensible, consistent government secrecy and classification policy.

 MANThe Military Analysis Network provides technical information on the militaries and weapons of the world.


Nuclear Information Project The Nuclear Information Project tracks global nuclear weapons and analyzes nuclear doctrine  and developments in the nuclear fuel cycle.


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