The Nuclear Information Project 


The Nuclear Information Project covers nuclear weapons and arms control and the nuclear fuel cycle.

The project provides the general public and policy-makers with information and analysis on the status, number, and operation of nuclear weapons, the policies that guide their potential use and nuclear arms control. The project is, according to the Washington Post, "one of the most widely sourced agencies for nuclear warhead counts." The work is supported by generous grants from the Ploughshares Fund and New Land Foundation. Nuclear weapons data are based on official documents, testimonies and previously undisclosed information obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, as well as independent analysis of commercial satellite images.

The project reports on developments in the nuclear fuel cycle that are relevant to nuclear weapons proliferation. Both uranium enrichment for nuclear reactor fuel and separation of plutonium from spent reactor fuel can produce fissionable material for nuclear bombs. The project puts technical information into a nonproliferation context and looks at case studies by conducting independent calculations and analyses.

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