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PublicationsThis chronology lists articles and reports published by the Nuclear Information Project or written by project staff elsewhere. To the extent possible, the documents are located on the FAS web site. External links might go dead over time. If you need assistance to locate missing documents, please contact individual project staff via the "about" page.

The publications below were made possible by generous grants from the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the New Land Foundation, and the Ploughshares Fund.






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In 1994 and 1990 Kristensen also co-authored the following two Neptune Papers monographs published by Greenpeace International:

  • U.S. Naval Nuclear Weapons in Sweden, Neptune Papers No. 6, Greenpeace, Washington, D.C., October 1990 (pdf 3.4 MB).
    The report investigates Swedish non-nuclear policy and the nuclear history of U.S. Navy ship visits to Swedish (and other Scandinavian) ports during the Cold War. The report documents how U.S. warships as a matter of routine brought nuclear weapons into Swedish ports despite the country’s ban against such weapons. The U.S. government turned down a request from the Swedish government to comment on the findings and the Swedish ruling party subsequently decided to enforce its non-nuclear policy during port visits, similar to that of New Zealand. Before the decision was carried out, the U.S. government suddenly announced in September 1991 that all tactical nuclear weapons would be removed from ships and submarines.

* The Nuclear Information Project formally merged with FAS in November 2005, but earlier publications are included here to provide access to information researched by the current staff.