Nuclear Weapons and Fuel Calculators 

Below are our on-line calculators for calculating nuclear weapons effects and uranrium enrichment. The first two calculators show the blast effect and fallout from use of nuclear weapons. The other calculators can be used to examine enrichment of uranium under various circumstances defined by you. The calculators were developed by FAS staff:

Nuclear Weapon Effects Calculator
An illustration of the destructive power of the blast created by a nuclear weapon. 

Nuclear Weapon Fallout Calculator
Shows the pattern of radioactive fallout resulting from use of a nuclear weapons.

Uranium Centrifuge Cascade Simulator 1.0 (beta)
This tool will create an ideal Uranium Centrifuge Cascade tailored to values entered by the user.

Uranium Enrichment Calculator
Computes the capacity of a separating element, such as a gas centrifuge, to enrich a certain amount of material over a given period of time.