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The Building Technologies Program 

CSIP ConstructionThe FAS Building Technologies Project was initiated in 2001 to focus the efforts of scientists and engineers who specialize in building materials on a range of issues such as structural engineering, indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and architectural design to create homes that are safe, affordable, and attractive to builders and owners in the US and abroad. FAS believes that improved housing technology can change the very nature of communities around the world. By cutting costs, home ownership can be increased significantly. Environmentally friendly construction and products cut down on urban heat sink effects and keep even low income homes comfortable in hot and cold weather. Improved protection against extreme winds, earthquakes, and heavy snow combined with resistance to fire, pests, and mold reduce insurance and repair costs and ensure that families are safe in their homes.

The Building Technologies Program works to advance innovation in building design and construction that can improve quality, affordability, energy efficiency and hazard protection while lowering construction and operating costs. Technical advances, including new composite materials and prefabricated components, both helping to meet these goals in ways that are beneficial for builders and owners. Since its conception, the Building Technologies project has combined the talents of renowned architects and engineers along with the nation’s leading energy experts to embark upon housing issues in US and abroad.  

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