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Primary Laws and Regulations Governing Arms Exports

Implementing Regulations

Recent Bills and Laws on Arms Transfers and Military Assistance

Congressional Research Service

(Additional CRS reports can be found on FAS Project on Government Secrecy's CRS Reports page pages, on the Center for Democracy and Technology's Open CRS website, and on the University of North Texas' online archive)

Congressional Reports

  • "Cox Report": The 1999 congressional report on China's acquisition of US military technology, including evidence of misconduct by US defense corporations.

Congressional Hearings

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White House

Presidential Determinations

Executive Orders: Administration of Arms Export Controls  Background on President Clinton's Presidential Directive on conventional arms export policy (February 17, 1995): June 1996 presidential advisory board critique of the Clinton Administration's policy: Other White House Policy:

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State Department

Minutes from meetings of the State Department's Defense Trade Advisory Group (DTAG):

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Defense Department

Defense Security Cooperation Agency Newsletter: Partners

Classified Arms Sales Notifications (from October 2006 onward)

  • Memorandum for record: proposed Letters of Offer and Acceptance involving the Department of Air Force and the Government of Israel, 10 October 2006.

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Commerce Department

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Government Accountability Office

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Central Intelligence Agency

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Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (Dept. of the Treasury)

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National Security Council

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Immigration and Customs Enforcement

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Customs and Border Protection

Department of Justice

Office of the Director of National Intelligence

US Mission to the UN

Court Documents

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