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Chemical Weapons Convention Information 


Convention, Protocol and Legislation Text

  bullet Chemical Weapons Convention Text
  bullet US Chemical Weapons Convention Implementing Legislation
  bullet US Senate's Executive Resolution on Ratification of the Chemical Weapons Convention
  bullet Executive Order 11850 - Renunciation of certain uses in war of chemical herbicides and riot control agents.
bullet Geneva Protocol of 1925
   bullet CWC Archive

Review Conferences

  bullet First Review Conference- April 28 - May 9, 2003
  Political Declaration of the First Review Conference
  bullet Second Review Conference - April 7 - 18, 2008


The Chemical Weapons Convention Website - Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)
  bullet CBW Conventions Bulletin - Quarterly Reviews of OPCW activities. (From Harvard/Sussex)


Law Enforcement

"Law Enforcement and the CWC" Editorial - The CBW Conventions Bulletin. December, 2002.