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SIPs and Manufactured Housing 



The Role of SIPs in Emergency Housing.  This article outlines the key role that SIP manufactured housing can and should play in disaster relief housing.

Surviving the FEMA Aftermath.  FEMA's inability to meet housing needs has become a national scandal.  The roots of this problem lie in a deeply flawed procurement process, and without drastic changes the current fiasco of providing substandard, dangerous housing for disaster victims is bound to repeat itself.  This paper outlines the necessary steps for FEMA to take to properly replace formaldehyde filled trailers, and to fundamentally fix the agency's approach to housing procurement.

High Performance Manufactured Housing briefing.  A presentation by Henry Kelly on the use of advanced technologies and materials in creating high quality, safe and affordable high performance manufactured housing.  This presentation especially focuses on the role SIP built manufactured housing can play in relief situations and details the work of FEMA and FAS in Mississippi.