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The Building Technologies Program 

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Manufactured Housing

FAS believes that manufactured housing is an important tool in ensuring that people have access to high-quality, safe, and cost effective housing.  Our work has especially focused on utilizing SIP and CSIP manufactured housing meet housing needs in post-disaster situations.  All documents and publications are available in Adobe Acrobat PDF form and can be accessed by clicking on the document/publication title.

Codes & Standards Mississippi State Housing Procurement Project
Quality and Price in Manufactured Housing.   A presentation by David Tompos of NTA Inc outlining the creation of high performance manufactured housing that is safe, efficient and affordable and built to strict building codes and standards.

FAS Briefs Congress on Success of "Mississippi Cottages".  Project between FAS and the Environmental and Energy Studies Institute examining the high quality manufactured housing pilot program implemented in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina. 


SIP Construction.  Photo presentation of a SIP house's construction in Gulfport, MS.

Structural Insulated Panels

The Role of SIPs in Emergency Housing.  This article outlines the key role that SIP manufactured housing can and should play in disaster relief housing.