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Relief Housing in China 

In the wake of the disastrous 2008 earthquake that struck Sichuan Province in China, FAS's Building Technologies team travelled to Sichuan in order to study and make recommendations on disaster relief housing and construction.  Based on our time in China and our previous high quality relief housing pilot projects, we have compiled a substantive body of research on the relief housing and reconstruction process in China.

China Housing 2

Keeping the Recovery Safe.  Based on FAS's extensive experience with SIPs and pilot project with Sichuan University in creating SIP relief housing in Sichuan Province, this article elucidates the potential causes of indoor air quality problems in Chinese relief housing. 

SIPs Role In Emergency Housing.  This document was prepared for the response after the Chinese Earthquakes in Sichuan province. It contains basic information regarding Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) and their structural robustness (with commentary of the US testing issues) and contains information regarding disaster housing post-Katrina (with best lessons learned). 

SIPs in China Presentation.  An overview of SIPs and the valuable role SIPs can play in relief housing, especially as applies to China.