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Relief Housing Policy and Procedures 

China Housing 1

FAS is heavily involved in efforts to provide emergency housing solutions that are safe and energy efficient. FAS program manager Joe Hagerman worked in depth with the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency to design and deliver 3,100 dual certified modular housing units to citizens of Mississippi affected by Hurricane Katrina. With the lessons learned from this experience, FAS continues to advise FEMA on procurement strategies and proper planning for emergency relief.

In addition to further advisory work, the Building Technologies Program looks to continue its involvement with emergency and manufactured housing with projects to develop high performance standards and design quickly procured housing units that can double as permanent affordable housing stock.

All documents and publications are available in Adobe Acrobat PDF form and can be accessed by clicking on the document/publication title.


Keeping the Recovery Safe.  Based on FAS's extensive experience with SIPs and pilot project with Sichuan University in creating SIP relief housing in Sichuan Province, this article elucidates the potential causes of indoor air quality problems in Chinese relief housing. 

Housing Procurement

Suggested Procurement Strategies.  Using the lessons from FAS's involvement in the Mississippi Alternative Housing Program to design, prototype, and produce the highest quality unit in the shortest amount of time, FAS has put together the final suggested procurement process for emergency housing.

Mississippi Alternative Housing Pilot Project

FAS Briefs Congress on Success of "Mississippi Cottages".  Project between FAS and the Environmental and Energy Studies Institute examined the high quality manufactured housing pilot program implemented in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina. 

SIP Construction.  Photo presentation of a SIP house's construction in Gulfport, MS.