The Arms Sales Monitoring Project 

Small Arms Trade

The Arms Sales Monitoring Project (ASMP) seeks to increase transparency, accountability and restraint in the legal arms trade; eradicate the illicit arms trade; and to serve as a repository of data on U.S. arms transfers and arms export controls.          

For the past decade, we have reported on the arms trade, U.S. arms export policies, and the illicit trade in small arms and light weapons through the publication of reports and articles, media outreach, and public speaking. Our objective is to get information out to interested journalists, policy makers, and the general public so that many people can act, achieving much more than we alone can.            

Book Summary

Featured Stories: 
The MANPADS Threat and International Efforts To Address It
Captured and Counted: Illicit Weapons in Mexico and the Philippines
Ad Hoc Arsenals: PSSM Practices of Selected Non-state Actors
Seized Chinese Weapons Raise Concerns on Iran
Accessories for Small Arms and Light Weapons
The Fiscal Year 2011 "Section 655 Report" on US arms sales and military aid
The Distribution of Iranian Ammunition in Africa

Featured Items:                                                                                                                      


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Documents, reports, arms sales notifications, and other items of interest recently posted to the ASMP website.
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Timely analysis on recent developments in the arms trade.

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One-stop shop for information on the proliferation and control of man-portable air-defense systems.
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Reports, issue briefs and articles published by ASMP staff.  

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Information on MANPADS proliferation, the illicit small arms trade, and US arms export "reforms."

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Comprehensive source of U.S. government data on U.S. and international arms transfers.

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U.S. government documents, including bills and laws pertaining to U.S. arms exports; links to international and non-governmental organizations, including the Arms Transfer Working Group; and descriptions of various weapons systems.
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ASMP's background, goals, advisory board, funding, and staff.  Includes information about job and internship opportunities.