Nuclear Testing 

Stockpile Stewardship
Articles on the Science-Based Stockpile Stewardship Program.

Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty would prohibit the testing of any nuclear device that has any measureable yield.

Diagnostics and results
The Stockpile Stewardship Program has many diagnostic tools. Here we summarize both the available tools and the results obtained to date.

Background & Historical Information
Background and historical information related to US nuclear tests.

Reports by Ray Kidder
A series of reports written by Livermore weapons designer Ray Kidder, as requested by various members of the House and Senate. These reports examine the need for nuclear weapons testing under a CTBT, a limited test ban treaty, and the safety of the stockpile under the moratorium.

Oversight & Evaluation
This page contains a set of links to various reports either summarizing existing oversight of the stockpile stewardship program or encouraging additional oversight.

How weapons fail
There are a variety of ways nuclear weapons can fail. This page lists reports that examine them.

Congress has the final say as to when the US resumes weapons testing, as it controls the funding for such tests. On this page we list some of the more recently introduced legislation on this subject. 

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