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Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) Background and Research 

SIPS woodThe FAS Building Technologies Program has carried out studies and compiled a variety of information on SIPs.  This page serves as a cache of  our basic research and information on SIPs.

"About SIPs and CSIPs".  An overview of the structure and properties of SIPs, materials options available, the history of SIP technology, and current fabrication, use, and installation techniques.  The first chapter of our report, Advanced Cementitious Structural Insulated Panels for Multistory Use.

SIPS, Energy Efficient Buildings, and US Challenges in Energy and Climate Change.  A presentation by Henry Kelly, President of FAS, outlining US energy use, especially in the building sector, climate change and its global impacts, and the role of advanced building technologies, specifically SIPs, in reducing building energy use and increasing energy efficiency.

Engineered Design of Structural Insulated Panels.  A presentation by Eric Tompos of NTA at the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) 2008 Conference.  This presentation provides a practical explanation of how to design and engineer buildings for SIPs and that use SIPs to their best advantage.

Beyond Code Reports:  Taking SIPs from Design to Construction.  A presentation by Eric Tompos of NTA at the ASCE 2008 Conference.  

More information about SIPs/CSIPs.