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Advanced Technologies 

csip constructionThe Building Technologies team is committed improving the building community's understanding, acceptance and adoption of advanced building technologies.  These building systems and materials are key components to creating a national housing stock of safer, more affordable, more energy efficient and untimately more environmentally friendly homes.  

All documents and publications are available in Adobe Acrobat PDF form and can be accessed by clicking on the document/publication title.

High Performance Affordable Building Resources

Rehab and Repair Right.  A guide and toolkit for Habitat for Humanity afffiliates undertaking the repair, retrofit, or rehabilitation of existing homes.  This guide is intended to accompany the Rehab Right toolkit at:  

High Performance Building Guide for Habitat for Humanity Affiliates. A resource designed for Habitat for Humanity affiliates, this guide offers comprehensive advice to Habitat affiliates and other affordable housing builders on how to build high performing housing that is sustainable, healthy, and safe. 


For more on Habitat for Humanity's sustainable and high performance building, see:  

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) and Cementitious Structural Insulated Panels.  

SIPs and cSIPs are systems building products with the potential to revolutionize the construction process.  FAS has been researching, testing, and doing demonstrations on SIPs and cSIPs for more than 5 years.  

What kinds of resources does FAS have on SIPs?

  • What are SIPs? An overview of and background on the SIP "sandwich board" technology.
  • Structural Testing. Reports on and information about our evaluations of SIPs and CSIPs, including strength tests and seismic and fire evaluations.
  • cSIPs.  Background information on CSIPs and their utlization in construction, as well as our CSIP demonstrations and related reports.
  • SIPs in multistory construction.  Our research and analysis on how to use SIPs in multistory construction. 

Advanced Building Technology Briefings

 Cool Roofs: A Big Deal.  This one-page tech brief defines cool roofs, explains how roof coolness is measured and outlines the role of cool roofs in offsetting carbon and reducing energy bills.