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Adapting Cementitious Structural Insulated Panels for Multistory Use 

CSIP ConstructionWhile advances in SIP technology have increased the extent of their application within the construction industry, current construction systems limit their use to residential and light commercial applications. Due to the large size of the commercial construction market and their impact potential as an energy efficient structural building system, FAS is interested in extending the application of SIP technology beyond its current state.

With a grant from the Charles Pankow Foundation FAS undertook a study to determine whether CSIPs can improve the safety and other performance characteristics of multi-story structures while simultaneously reducing constructing times, construction costs and operating costs.

Overview of Project.  Including the purpose of the project and intended direction of studies, types of tests to be performed on CSIPs and testing partners.

Adaptations of Cementitious Structural Insulated Panels for Multistory Construction.  The final report submitted to the Charles Pankow Foundation, detailing application potential of CSIPs, procedures for designing and constructing multistory buildings with CSIPs, optimizing energy efficiency when building with CSIPs, and an overview of the code limitations as applied to CSIPs.  The data, tables, and appendixes in this document are presented so as to enable a knowledgable engineer to use this document as a sole source of technical information for the deployment of CSIPs in multistory construction.

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