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Arms Exports and the GWOT   Information on changes made toarms export policy in the aftermath of September 11th.
Code of Conduct
 | Information on the effort to implement a code of conduct designed to curb arms sales and military aid to dictators and human rights abusers.
Military Training
 | Data on U.S. foreign military training practices, particularly where they benefit human rights abusers.
Landmines  | Information on the effort to proscribe the use of anti-personnel landmines in warfare and mitigate the threat of extant mine fields.
Defense Subsidies  | Data on subsidies paid to U.S. defense contractors.
Defense Offsets
 | Information revealing a potentially negative side-effect of certain arms sales: the export of American jobs overseas.
Ballistics Missiles
 | Information on the threat of ballistics missiles and strategies to curb their proliferation.
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