Ivan Oelrich's comments to the Bipartisan Task Force on Non-Proliferation 

In response to the President's non-proliferation proposals announced in February, the House Bipartisan Task Force on Non-Proliferation, in cooperation with the Global Security Institute's Bipartisan Security Group, hosted a high-level panel discussion on Capitol Hill April 27, 2004 on the theme: "Seven Sound Strategies- The President's Non-Proliferation Proposals." Following the panel, discussions were held with Members of Congress.

Addressing the crowd of House staffers, panelists Ambassador Henrik Salander, Secretary General of the recently launched Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Commission; Dr. Ivan Oelrich, a security analyst at the Federation of American Scientists; and Ambassador Jonathan Dean, an advisor on arms control and international security issues at the Union of Concerned Scientists, discussed the viability of the proposals in the context of the current state of the international non-proliferation regime. Ambassador Robert T. Grey, Jr., chairman of the Bipartisan Security Group, moderated the discussion.

To read the comments from all the panelist, including Dr. Oelrich's, follow the link to the Bipartisan Security Group.


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